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Special purpose entities for tax management, risk isolation, and other purposes. Save time and money, as accounting and compliance are fully integrated.

Currently, we are focusing on optimizing our tax shield for Stripe™ and PayPal™.

We will integrate more payment stacks into our tax shield in the future. Please reach out to us so we can learn more about your requirements.

Don't compromise between quality and compliance

Our mission is to solve sales tax for digital businesses

Over the years, we have built many different software products, both SaaS and Digital goods. We love using Stripe™, everything about the product, the team, and their documentation.

Unfortunately, they didn’t quite solve our needs with sales tax. We tried using Merchants of Record solutions to solve this, but their lack of flexibility found us craving access to Stripe™.

Make a trade-off?

Using a Merchant of Record and take the higher fees for peace of mind, but lose out on Stripe™ or use Stripe™ but then spend too much time thinking about sales tax. There must be a better way.

We quickly built a team who is passionate about this problem; after speaking with hundreds of other creators, founders, & engineers, we found we were not alone.

No, let's solve it!

From these interactions, Revin was born. Revin is a Merchant of Record solution built to encompass Stripe™. You don’t need to worry about sales tax. We will do that.

You can focus on selling more and optimizing the checkout experience through the wonders of Stripe™ and its many integration partners.

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We are an international team of enthusiasts. We are passionate about building great products and dedicated to simplifying compliance for businesses and we would love to hear from you.

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We are an international team of enthusiasts. Passionate about building great products and dedicated to simplifying compliance for businesses.