Zuora and Revin

Remove sales tax liability for your subscription business with Revin.

If you are considering choosing Zuora for you subscription business. Are you confident you are 100% compliant with your global sales tax responsibility? Learn more about the Revin integration.

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What is Zuora?

Zuora is one of the industry-leading software subscription management platforms for businesses aiming to implement a subscription model. Naturally, As your business model shifts from selling one-time products to selling subscriptions, the way you process transactions becomes inherently more complex. Utilising Zuora will allow you to automate your recurring billing, payments, revenue, and month-end close processes.


Merchant of Record Service (MoR)
Yes (with Revin Integration)
Revenue reconciliation
Payment Collection
Sales Tax Calculations

Can I manage Sales Tax with Zuora?

In short, yes you can manage your sales tax within Zuora or one of their 3rd party integrations. This is a great way to calculate your global sales tax obligations whilst monitoring sales tax registration thresholds of each jurisdiction you sell to. You will still be liable to make sure your register, file, and remit the correct amount of sales tax. Typically you will then need to engage accountants in each jurisdiction to ensure the tax filings are done correctly.

What if I want to remove my sales tax liability?

Are you confident you are 100% compliant with your global sales tax responsibility?

This is where Revin comes in. We are a Merchant of Record (MoR) that integrates with Zuora to act as your legal reseller. As your authorised reseller, it becomes our responsibility and liability to register, file, and remit sales tax accurately. You remove all liability and more importantly, the administrative burden on managing sales tax each month. Ensuring you are set up to sell globally in a compliant manner.

Interested to learn how we can remove your sales tax liability with Zuora?

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Dan Duggan

Head of Sales


A note from the founder of Revin

We built Revin to solve our own problem

Niklas Salmoukas

Like you, I thought tax and compliance was boring.

But when I was building a platform for people to sell their 3D stock images. I realized global sales tax was something to think about.

At the time, I was using Stripe™ to manage my payments and had to make a tradeoff…

I either box myself into a traditional merchant of record (MOR) like Paddle™ and lose checkout flexibility or build my own MOR for Stripe™.

I applied for a traditional Merchant of Record and got rejected because my business model wasn’t supported.

After speaking to hundreds of creators and founders, turns out I was not the only one suffering, because —

  • Founders don’t want to worry about sales tax and compliance. Yet stillwant the freedom to customize their payment experience.
  • There are tons of business models out there left unsupported by traditional MORs.

So we built Revin, a Paddle™ alternative where you can keep your existing checkout solution — access Stipe's vast ecosystem wherever you’re located — and have us handle global sales tax and compliance for you.

Join us on our journey to support entrepreneurs with global sales tax so you can get back to serving your customers.

Ready to get global tax compliance sorted?

You don't have to box yourself into Paddle’s rigid ecosystem. Add Revin’s Global Tax Shield to your Chargebee™ checkout solution.

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  • No coding required.
  • Use your existing checkout
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Got Questions?

Do you also support PayPal?

Stripe™ is working on a PayPal integration, which is currently in a closed beta. We offer a bridge solution. Please reach out to us if you are interested.

Can I access the Stripe™ Dashboard?

You'll get access to the Stripe™ dashboard, where you can manage products and transactions on our behalf. We are responsible for the basic settings, such as the settings for taxes.

How do I connect third-party apps to the Stripe™ account?

If you cannot establish the connection with the help of Stripe™ keys, we will connect it for you. In any case, you must notify us about the use of third-party applications via our portal for compliance reasons.

How can I implement tax-exclusive pricing?

First, you need to configure your product pricing in Stripe™ to be tax-exclusive. Second, while creating subscriptions or invoices, you must enable automatic tax calculation. If you have built your own checkout, you can embed our widget or use our API to calculate tax. For integrations into third-party checkout solutions, please reach out to us.

What are Revin's responsibilities?

We are responsible for all compliance-related tasks, including tax configurations, calculations, filings, and remittances. We monitor the account 24/7 automatically and manually if required.

Do you handle everything from Global Sales Tax, PCI, VAT, and compliance?

Yes we act as your merchant of record and accept responsibility and liability to register, file and remit sales tax in all relevant jurisdictions.

Can I bring my existing Stripe™ account?

Yes, we can migrate an existing account or give you access to a new account if required.

What if I want to stop using Revin?

If you want to stop using Revin, we will provide all of your subscription data in a digital readable format to allow you to migrate to another solution.