Sell Digital Goods globally with ease

Stripe™ and Revin work hand in hand

Setting up Revin to use Stripe™ just takes a few steps. We also integrate with your favorite Stripe-based checkout solution and offer PayPal checkouts. We are the perfect match for you!

Sell Digital Goods globally with ease

Stripe™ and Revin work hand in hand

Setting up Revin to use Stripe™ just takes a few steps. We also integrate with your favorite Stripe-based checkout solution and offer PayPal checkouts. We are the perfect match for you!

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2. Setting up Stripe™

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The Merchant of Record explained

What is Revin from a legal standpoint?

If you choose to protect your business using Revin, you implement Revin as your business's non-exclusive authorized reseller. It is worth noting that this reseller role is performed for compliance reasons only and not to establish a new distribution channel. Typically this type of reseller is referred to as Merchant of Record.

How does the checkout work?

If you choose to sell through a Merchant of Record, your customers still go to your website to access the products. But with the Merchant of Record acting as a reseller, there are two transactions during the sale — one between the end customer and Revin, and the other between Revin and your business.


Purchases Product

Merchant of Record
  • No Sales Tax Admin
    We handle registration, calculation, collection, filing and remittance for sales tax around the globe

  • No Sales Tax Liability
    We are responsible for global sales tax liabilities and are subject to international tax audits

  • Global Payment Processing

  • Checkout and Invoicing

  • Chargeback Handling


Receives Payment

Why does my business benefit from Revin?

The Merchant of Record model enables businesses to outsource sales tax, VAT, and GST compliance. It is therefore beneficial for companies that have cross-state or international customer bases. Selling across borders comes with a lot of financial and legal administrative burdens. The Merchant of Record can free a business from worrying about any of that.

What business models does Revin support?

We optimized our Merchant of Record for sellers of digital goods and providers of subscription-based services, such as software as a service, aka SaaS.

How is Revin different from the traditional Merchant of Records?

From a legal perspective, Revin's reseller model is identical to those of,, and The critical distinction is that we dedicate an individual account to your brand and products. Whereas Paddle operates with a shared Stripe account, we split our reselling business into multiple accounts.

This approach enables us to grant our sellers limited direct access to the respective Stripe account. From a legal point of view, we provide access in the context of a service and data processing agreement included in our terms and conditions. The seller's task is to implement and host the checkout on the website and to optionally manage billing-related customer requests on our behalf to operate our reselling business.

To ensure our compliance, we monitor all outsourced activities and take over the handling if the seller is not following our policies or if we deem it necessary.

Find answers to frequently asked questions

Do you also support PayPal?

Stripe is working on a PayPal integration, which is currently in a closed beta. Please reach out to us if you are interested.

What is Revin responsible for?

We act as an authorized reseller for you. Legally, we sell to the customer and buy the licenses from your business. We are responsible for all compliance-related tasks, including tax configurations, calculations, filings, and remittances.

Do you handle everything from Global Sales Tax, PCI, VAT, and compliance?

Yes, we act as your merchant of record and accept responsibility and liability to register, file and remit sales tax in all relevant jurisdictions.

Can I not just use my accountant for global sales tax?

Accountants don't operate at a global level. They look at the jurisdictions for which they are certified. In the EU, they can account for local VAT and OSS. Often sellers don't realize that they are not complying on a global level and are subject to penalties.

Can I migrate my existing Stripe™ account?

We can migrate Stripe accounts using our own Stripe migration process that is based on the Stripe PAN data migration process.

Does Revin appear on the bank statement of my customers?

Revin is not present on your clients credit card statements.

What if I want to stop using Revin?

If you want to stop using Revin, we will provide all of your subscription data in a digital readable format to allow you to migrate to another solution.

Do I have a specific contract period or notice period to leave?

No, you can stop using Revin at your convenience, no minimum terms or contracts.

If you still have questions, please feel free to contact us at any time

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